We moved to Calgary

My boyfriend and I moved to Calgary from Vancouver for many reasons. Starting over was one of them. When a door opened, who were we to refuse to enter? Of course, it hasn’t been without its challenges. The economy’s not the best, so I’ve taken on a survival job alongside some freelance gigs. I also completed an intensive IT training program, as Calgary is struggling to fill several IT roles. It’ll be an interesting year for sure.

So far, here’s what I love about our new life in Calgary:

This year, I want to be able to transition to a Junior IT Analyst role, while still keeping up with technical writing and UX design. As long as these various fields help me become a well-rounded employee, I find no reason to let them go.

What I’ll miss about our old life in Vancouver:

Sometimes homesickness hits hard. Thankfully I can email and videocall anyone anytime. When I have enough money, I can visit. Good thing Vancouver is just the next province away.