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Clear and concise won't cut it

Healthy rivalry: Wanting to be a writer, seeing my partner make that dream come true for himself, thus making me strive harder for success.

Unhealthy rivalry: Wanting to be the only published writer in a small two-person family.

My partner writes under an hour while listening to music with lyrics. He writes several articles a day, while it takes me a few days to come up with a short story. I can’t listen to lyrics. To be fair, he’s a journalist, and I’m a short story writer. Journalism and fiction are different, but that doesn’t stop me from being irritated at our different pacing. I want to take my time with a story. Savour it. Entertain each idea that pays a visit.

Time to try something different. What if I forego my real-time editing and just focus on getting the words out? As a lover of documentation, I like to deliver information in the clearest and most concise way possible so that people would actually read documentation. However, this hasn’t helped me in writing stories.

Sometimes, the meandering rants and rambles help me narrow down what the story really needs. Or, I use it to illustrate a character’s state of mind. “Less is more” doesn’t always work. More or less, I’m experiencing major writer’s block.

I need my writing to flow again and separate my creative pursuits from my professional ones. Thankfully, my partner is supportive and wants me to tell stories again. It’s a real treat to make him laugh. I like bouncing ideas off him and talking about nothing. Eventually, I find a story.