Who's in your pond?

Yesterday, my fellow participants and I graduated from NPower’s Junior IT Analyst program. The real challenge has begun. Though the CompTIA A+ and Cisco ITE exams were difficult, it’s harder to land that first job in IT. Even if it’s not directly related to IT, I’m willing to go for it, as any role is a good learning experience.

In the midst of the excitement and chaos of starting a new chapter, the speeches helped me ground myself and find a sense of calm. Notably, an Elder and First Nations Educator reminded us that we are still tadpoles: that this isn’t the end of our journey. We have the capacity to adapt and change. Now, we’re in the water. Soon, we’ll be on land.

He asked us to consider who’s in our pond. Who pushes us to succeed? Who helps us along the way? I thought about my family, friends, and instructors. I thought about all the people who love me and those who let me down. Everything I’ve been through has led me to a new city. How many people have the chance to start over?

This is a fresh start. A new pond for this tadpole. I appreciate everyone in it.