Processing Expired Assets

Note: Knowledge base article about processing expired PCs (assets) that we’ve received back from the client. Identifiable references to the company and client have been redacted.

[Company] lease assets to [client] and replace them every five years. After an asset replacement, the branch must send us all the expired items.

  1. Unbox returned assets to double-check the asset numbers. Sometimes the label on the box doesn’t match the asset number inside.
  2. Log into the inventory management system and search for the expired asset you unboxed. Click the asset number.
  3. Update the location of the asset. If you don’t update the location, [client] will still continue to be charged for possessing the asset.
    1. Change the Client from [client] to [company].
    2. Change Location to Inventory.
    3. Change Lease Price and Support Price to 0.
  4. Fill out the Comments text box with the date of the replacement, your initials, and the asset number of the replacement (e.g., 2020-10-06 KD: Replaced by [asset no.]).
  5. Delete all the items listed under Software.
  6. Check the Parts section to see if we ordered any special items for the user other than the standard parts.
  7. Log into the branch server.
  8. Open Active Directory Users and Computers.
  9. Locate the expired asset and delete it.